Visible gas pumps are a must have for your den, garage, shop, or business. These vintage gas pumps make great companion pieces for restored automobiles. All of our retro gas pumps are full size and are guaranteed to impress. View our links below to learn more.

retro gas pump

High Quality Parts

The earliest gas pumps were "visible" gas pumps that had a clear glass cylinder, on top and were about nine feet tall.

The clear cylinder allowed the customer to see exactly what amount they were getting. The customer could also see the quality of the gas and if it was dirty.

The gas was pumped from an underground tank with a manual pump into an overflow tube in the center of the clear cylinder on top. The attendant would then place the nozzle in your tank and open a valve while watching the fluid level through the glass. He simply closed the valve when the level reached the matching number on the cylinder wall of gallons purchased. The price sign was fastened to one of the rods along side the cylinder.

Used from the teens through the 20s, these visible pumps were a common sight at filling stations all over.

All of the aluminum parts are cast from patterns made from an original gas pump. The body panels on our gas pumps are industrial grade actory color coated .040 aluminum. This is the same material used to make gas station awnings and stock car bodies.

Additional Photos Of Visible Retro Gas Pumps

Check out slideshow gallery of visible retro gas pumps for your reference. Click on the image to enlarge, click on arrow to see more pictures.