Our custom built gas pumps are more than just decorative pieces. We have pumps that can be used as shelving, cabinets, electric car charging stations, and beer taps. The possibilities are unlimited! If you have an idea contact us for your custom build.

Custom vintage gas pumps

Custom Gas Pump With Shelves

Create more space or store your belongings inside your gas pump with our shelving options.

Custom Gas Pump With Gun Cabinet

Nothing is impossible with a custom built gas pump. Turn your pump into a one of a kind gun cabinet.

Gas Pump with Beer Tap

Custom Gas Pump With Beer Tap

Show your custom built gas pump to friends and family. Enjoy the evening with a built in beer tap ready to serve.

iPad Station

With millions of apps on the AppStore you'll find plenty of uses with an iPad station inside your gas pump.

Electric Car Charging

Go Green and prepare for the future with a custom built gas pump that also works as an electric car charging station.

Phone Charging

Enjoy your brand new gas pump with the ability to charge our phone. One of the many custom options at RetroSpaces Heffron's.