We understand that you love Retro, and you also love automobiles. That's why we have the perfect combination for you. We have a wide variety of classic car furniture including Car Sofas, Chairs, Desks Bars, Counters and so much more. These Car Couches are crafted with all metal bodies and come from original vintage car components. Our classic car couches are restored to perfection!

Original Classic Car Furniture

Our Automotive Decor and Car Couches are not reproductions like a lot of fiberglass reproductions. The lights work perfectly and our items can be custom made in any colors you like. We have something for everyone and the selection and styles to choose from are endless. Everyone will want to be seen sitting on one of these awesome car couches and we can make that possible.

classic car furniture

Vintage Car Couches / Sofas

Vintage car sofas are a must-have for every classic car fan's man cave.
Pricing starts at $5,460.

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Classic car booths

Classic Car Booths

Our classic car booths are perfect for retro diners, restaurants, donut shops or other retro spaces. Made out of original cars, and the lights are working as well.
Pricing starts at $9,000 (Econo) / $15,900 (Full Size)

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Car Desks / Bars - Classic Car Furniture

Are you searching for a desk that will be a dominant feature of your office? Look no further!
Pricing starts at: $6,685

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Car Displays, Bars And Reception Stands

Showcase what you're collecting on a classic car display! With lights or without, your collectibles displayed on vintage car shelves will get all the attention.
Pricing starts at: $6,240

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retro pepsi machine

Other Products

Furniture made from original classic cars and equipment (not reproductions). Click on the link below to see more furniture and accessories made out of classic cars and their parts.
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