Our retro gas pumps are custom-built. Without a doubt, they add personality to your space, whether it's a garage, a man cave, or a business. All of our old-fashioned gas pumps are built in full size and showcase the highest quality finishes, unique designs, and customizable features. Check out the retro gas pump types by clicking under the image below. Call us to order at (315) 363-7726 or email us at retro@heffrons.com.

Retro Gas Pumps


Retro Gas Pumps

High Quality Retro Gas Pumps

Our retro gas pumps have cast aluminum parts. We use the original pump parts as patterns. All parts for our pumps are manufactured in the United States.

The body panels consist of pre-colored 0.04 sheet aluminum, the same as the gas pumps at retro gas stations. The production of these pumps happens in-house, including shearing, bending, and cutting.

Gas Pump Faces:

The faces, both the clock face and calculator type, are printed on high-quality vinyl.

We put real clock hands and screws in place along with a simulated sight glass which is seated in a rubber grommet. This assembly mounts on the face frame with an acrylic lens.

Casting Finishes:

The top of the retro gas pump, the same as the base, handles, cylinder, and end caps are primed and professionally painted. We can paint or polish the globe ring and the face frame based on customer's wishes.

Gas Pump Lighting:

On the visible retro gas pumps, only the globe on top lights up. On the regular pumps, the face plate lights up too, not just the globe. The retro gas pumps have one or two light bulbs, 40W maximum. The 110 volt power cord has an inline switch installed into it. While these vintage gas pumps are used mostly indoors, they can be customized for outdoors for an additional wiring fee.

Pump Placement:

These vintage gas pumps are typically set along a wall and only have one face. As an option, a second Globe face & sign can be installed.

Sign And Globe:

The display glass in the globe at the top of the gas pump can be ordered with the logo of your choice. Or, we can use your logo to customize the globe. The back glass is frost allowing to highlight your logo.

Extra Security For Your Retro Gas Pumps

If purchasing an outdoor retro gas pump, our security hardware mounting system provides a piece of mind for any outdoor location.

Shipping & Handling:

Most of our retro gas pumps are shipped by a common carrier to your location.

  • A retro pump ships in 2 boxes with the pump base weighing 75 lbs and the top weighing 25 lbs. The visible top pump is larger and weighs 60 lbs.
  • All retro pumps are shipped assembled. Remember a residential delivery will cost more and someone will need to be home to receive the vintage gas pump.
  • Custom built Double Pumps, beer tap pumps & specialty pumps – While they have many of the same specifications, there are many other factors involved that effect the shipping costs.

Please call or email for an exact shipping cost or any other questions.

Retro Gas Pumps

A regular pump has 60” tall side panels and is 84” from the floor to the top of the globe. The side panels can be cut shorter if ceiling height is a problem. The visible pump uses the same side panels and stands 112” to the top of the globe.

Weight on a face pump is approximately 50 lbs. While the visible weighs approximately 65 lbs.

The maximum width at the base is 18” and the body is about 14” excluding any signs or the hose mounted on the sides. Depth is the same.