Top 2023 Retro Chairs For Kitchens And Diners

Retro Chairs
Are you having a hard time deciding which retro chair to use for your project? Are you in need of a retro chair for your kitchen or man cave? Are you outfitting a retro diner, restaurant, or memory room in a senior center? Let us help you. We assist customers who are looking for retro chairs for a wide variety of projects, both residential and commercial.

Most Popular Retro Chairs

Consistently our most popular retro chair, for both residential and commercial use, is the 921 HBMBSH Retro Chair. This retro chair features a convenient handle back as well as a 2” sewn hood seat. These features combined with the pleated Malibu back and chrome frame to make a bold retro statement in any of our retro vinyl colors.

Most Affordable Retro Chairs

For customers looking to add a simple retro look at the best price the 912 retro chair is our most affordable option. Also, available in any vinyl color this chair can match any kitchen dinning set.

Best Option for Senior Centers and Memory Rooms

We frequently work with Senior Living Centers, Alzheimer’s Facilities and Nursing Homes that are creating memory rooms or dining areas for their residents. The biggest concern for these facilities was needing a chair that was safe and provided a retro look. We added arms and a Malibu back to our PB-PS chair and finished it with a powdered chrome frame to provide a retro chair for our senior customers. Retro Chairs

Top Restaurant Chairs for 2023

Are you remodeling your kitchen or dining room? Are you looking for unique high-quality commercial grade furniture for your restaurant or café? We do offer a full line of restaurant furniture outside of our retro furniture. We have many great options available- here are some of our customer’s favorites.  

Most Popular Dinning Chair

Part of our Manhattan series the MAN-400-PS4 is our most popular chair for residential customers outfitting their dinning tables. As with all our chairs customers can choose from our vast number of vinyls allowing them to match this chair with any color pallet  

Most Popular Wood Chair

Part of our Woodland Series the WLS-135 is our most popular wood framed chair. This chair provides a sleek design and the vinyl seat is available in any of our vinyl colors allowing you to match this chair to any color scheme.

Most Popular Metal Chair

Part of our Legends Series the LSC-450 is our most popular metal chair. With the sleek metal frame and the upholstered seat available in any color this chair is versatile.

Most Popular Stackable Retro Chairs

We do carry a full line of stackable chairs. The X-10 is our most popular with a handle back and the ability to stack this chair is an excellent option for those venues that need a high number of chairs but the ability to store them away when not in use.

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