Ford Authorized Service Neon Sign With Backing

  • Dimensions: 24w x 24h x 4d
  • White and blue neon hues
  • Blue backing
  • Fully Licensed

The Ford logo is said to have been inspired by Henry Ford’s own signature. Along with the Art Nouveau style popular at the time. And did you know the script font was chosen to convey elegance and sophistication, while also reflecting the company’s commitment to attention to detail, quality, and craftsmanship! Expertly crafted, this crisp sign proudly displays the iconic Ford logo in vibrant hues. So bring the essence of Ford’s legacy to life with the Ford Authorized Service Neon Sign With Backing.

We are serious about our neon! That is why our neon signs feature hand-blown, multi-colored tubing supported by a sleek black metal grid. Plus with our 6-month warranty on all of our neon signs, you’ll have assurance you can enjoy worry-free. So bring the joy of real neon into your home or business today!

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