E-031 Bright Dip Metal Banding

  • 12′ x 7/8″ Grooved Face.
  • Bright Dip Only.
  • Drilled or undrilled.
  • Sizes: 12 ft sticks

The price starts at $80.

E-031 metal banding is one of the most popular finishes for retro countertops. Comes in bright dip only, which is a shiny chrome-like look. If requested, we can cut this metal edging for you to reduce shipping costs. Cutting fee applies. Please, refer to the shipping information tab.

Call us at 315-363-7726 for more information, or an installation guide.


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Shipping Options:

  • 12 ft stick (Uncut)
  • Cut 7 ft x 5 ft
  • Cut 6 ft x 6 ft